Our School

Photos from "the Original Pukekohe" by Susanne Stone the 125 year Jubilee book


Founded in 1863 This school is one of the oldest in the Franklin area. The original school house is still on the property currently being used as the Pukekohe East Playcenter.

There is a rich history and traditions that are still continued now. We respect where we have come from as we look into the future setting up our tamarki for successful and fulfilled lives.

William Morgan - Original Teacher of Pukekohe East School 1865

Mr and Mrs Cahill and whanau outside the schoolhouse - 1906 (Mr Cahill was head teacher)

Old School Bus - 1970s

Pet Day Judging in the 1960s

Pony Rides past the school house - 1950s

1964 School Photo

Puke East School in the 1970s

The Old School House (Now the Playcenter)

Calf Club Judging in the 1950s. If you look closely you can see the original school bus in the background

Photos from Pukekohe East School Centenary Booklet 1980 , "the Original Pukekohe" 125 year Jubilee book and the School Archives