Online Activites 

Kia ora Koutou. I hope you are all safe and well after all that rain last night. I have posted a few activities below for today if you would like to try them. 

Also, WELL DONE to the students that sent in the Memes yesterday. hey were fantastic. Congratulations to Flynn who won! but highly commended to Davin, Mila, Nevann and Asha! They are posted below. 

Hopefully, we are through the worst of it now and we will see you all at school soon. - Miss Tupai  






I Spy 2

This was very popular yesterday so I have made another one. Good luck finding all the obects. You can make these yourself at home - you just need to tidy up after your finished. They are super fun! 


House of Cards

Can you make a house of cards like the one below. This can be frustating and requires a steady hand. Im happy in the picture but this was my 19th attempt! I didnt give up though. See how you go. 

Recreate a Book Cover

Can you recreate a book cover? Here is mine! Send your throught to I'll post up the winners at 4pm today.

Hi Everyone! Here are a few ideas you could do today! Make sure you help out your families - make your beds, clean your teeth, tidy your room. I will post certificates at lunchtime here too! Stay safe and we hope to see you at school soon! - Miss Tupai 


Have a look at this week's certificates...

Certificates .mp4

Animal Memes!

Can you make your own Meme?

Here is Mozzie. She is my overweight cat. This is where she sleeps for most of the day. I have made this meme out of a photo of her. 

Challenge: make your own animal meme! 

Send them to me at: 

and I will post up the winners here! Good Luck.

Mozzie's Meme

I Spy

How good are you at finding things?

Can you find the dice, the strawberry and lego pengiun and match stick? I've made it pretty tricky.

Have a go at making you own I Spy at home!

They are super fun!

Hut Building 

Are you a good builder?

Here is my hut I have built to hang out in while storm is here. If your family says it okay - have a go at building one for you to play in! 

Make sure you help put all the sheets away after you have finished though!

Have fun!

Here is my hut!