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24th SEPTEMBER 2022

Pet day makes our school unique in that it is the one event of the year that brings the whole community together. We appreciate it is a considerable effort by children, parents, BOT, PTA, staff and the community to make this day such a special occasion.

Pet Day Information

Date: 24th September 2022 - it is expected that all children attend Pet Day

Student Participation:

Home Challenge: All children need to participate in Pet Day in at least one of the following categories:

  • Calf

  • Lamb

  • Goat

  • Chicken

  • Technology

  • Beans

The Judging of these activities are in 3 sections

  1. Junior: 5&6 years old

  2. Intermediate: 7&8 years old

  3. Senior: 9 years and over

In class the students will also create a 2D piece of art and a 3D piece of Art and a traditional art piece to be displayed in the classroom. These will be judged the night before on specific criteria (the in-class work is all completed at school)


Winners of each category will receive a trophy and all the children that enter an animal will receive at least one ribbon.


Calves: Calves are judged on leading, rearing and dairy or beef type.

Lambs/Goats: Lambs and goats will be judged on leading, rearing and calling.

Calves, Lambs and Goats are intensive and require food/shelter/training. Children need to be committed to early feeds, teaching the animals to come when called and to lead around a track without pulling on the lead. This takes commitment as it is training every day for 10 weeks.

Chickens: Judged on rearing, handling and calling or trick. They also need a weekly diary (a sample template will be provided) to be handed in 1 week before Pet Day.

Technology: Technology is a project in which you create and document your process in a diary. There will be criteria released and it will be judged against the criteria. This year's technology project brief will be given out during Week 10 of Term 2.

Beans: This year we also have a growing category. This is where you plant your beans and document the growing journey each week over the term in a diary. These will be judged from criteria and brief that will be given out during Week 10 of Term 2.

Specific information about each category will be available at the school office at the start of term 3.

Parent Help:

Pet day is the school's main fundraiser for the year. The best part of being at a small rural school is community involvement and everyone getting involved. We do ask that each family put their name down for a shift on a stall. (The roster will go up closer to the time) this does not have to be parents - it could also be older siblings. We totally understand that some cannot commit to PTA or organising events, but would very much appreciate it if you could commit to one hour of the day on a stall eg sausage sizzle.

Looking forward to a great day!

Calf, Goat and Lamb Course

Beans and Technology