Information A-Z


To ensure the safety of your child, we ask that parents advise the school if their child is going to be absent.

Parents can leave a phone message before school; phone 238 8708, by fax to 238 2481 or email You can also record an absence via the website or  the Skool Loop app.

The school Office Manager will contact the family of any child not accounted for.

Parents who enter the school at anytime during the school day MUST report to the office and sign in and out. If you bring children to school late or pick up children during school hours you are also required to fill out and sign the student sign in/sign out forms at the office. This is especially important for tracking contacts in these recent times with the existence of COVID 19.


To ensure the safety and supervision of your child, the classrooms will be opened from 8.15am.

Before the school bell rings at 9.00am, children are expected to have:
► Purchased any stationery they require from the office

►Retrieved their digital device and headphones from school bags and placed in the classrooms device cupboard.

► Hung up bags and taken books, water bottles etc, required during
the day to their desks and be settled for the day well before 9.00am


Assemblies are held 9.10am Monday in the Hall.

Whole school assemblies are held 2 – 3 times per term at 2.15pm. This is when parents get the opportunity to experience what their child has been learning. Achievement Certificates and the House Trophy are awarded. These assemblies are advertised under Dates to Remember in the weekly newsletter and on the calendar on Skool Loop and the website.


Our bell is a selection of pieces of music played over the intercom system.

8.15am  Classrooms open – Teachers here before this time are working on book work or preparation

9.00am  School starts

10.30am Morning interval

11.00am Back to class

12.30pm Lunch

1.15pm  Back to class

3.00pm School finishes 

3.10pm  bus leaves


The Board of Trustees are our elected governing body. The Board’s role is to oversee the governance of the school. In co-operation with the Principal and Staff, decisions are made on how best to administer the operational grant and to monitor the operation of the school. The Board acts as a vital liaison between the school and the community. There are opportunities at times to be a member of a subcommittee of the Board, eg Property.

The Board works hard in the interest of the school and with the PTA will regularly seek your support for working bees, funding and school trips.


BOT meetings are held monthly in the school meeting room. They are advertised in the school newsletters. Issues of importance from non board members must be forwarded before the meeting.


For more information check out the Bus Society’s site.

Code of Conduct

For the safety of all passengers on the bus and our drivers, it is imperative your child knows what is expected of them when riding on the bus and waiting at their bus stop. Please read this Code of Conduct with your child and ensure it is understood. This can be found on the Bus Society’s site below:

Timetable Proposed Bus Route 2016 


Pukekohe East  School gifted and talented are identified . The school is a member of the Franklin Gifted & Talented group and The New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education.


Some children require additional assistance to effect or monitor progress. While we treat each need individually, we offer the following intervention programmes:

 Reading Recovery
 Speech Language Therapist Assistance
 Teacher Aide Assistance
 Liaison with specialists eg Occupational Therapists
 English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)


As part of the Local Goals in our School Charter we have a co-ordinated Education Outside the Classroom programme. Day visits, camps and sports days form the majority of our out of school experiences. They are a valuable extension of the school programme and can involve considerable preparation and organisation.

The school bus is often utilised for trips requiring transport. From time to time, parent assistance with supervision and transport is requested.

Most trips are planned in advance and are normally listed in the term calendar and newsletter. The sports/trips uniform and shoes are required to be worn on all such occasions.

All trips will be paid for before the event, in order to cover costs, as well as a signed permission slip from parents.

If there is a camp or extended overnight component, then a  health form will be required to complete.


If you are collecting your child from school during the school day, please sign them out at the office. If they are returning that day – have them signed in.

This process ensures we know where your child is at all times.


If there is a school matter that causes you concern, please contact the school directly. We rely on open and honest communication and appreciate the opportunity to respond quickly.

Please follow these procedures:

1. If the complaint can be addressed by the class teacher, ring and arrange a suitable time to discuss the matter.

2. If it is more appropriate to contact the Principal, feel free to do so. This is the course of action, if you are unhappy with the response at Step 1 above.

3. If you are still not satisfied with the response, you may address your complaint in writing to the Board of Trustees.


Strategic Planning and other issues at times require consultation. This may take the form of surveys, return slips or questionnaires. Your input into these is valued, and considered essential for our school to continue to be progressive.


If you need to contact staff about non-urgent matters, please do so via email or a phone call to the office to make an appointment to see the teacher.

School Office staff are available most of the time. If you need to, leave a message on the answer phone and these will be cleared before 2.45pm each day.


The School has a Computer Use Policy designed to protect the children and prevent them accessing undesirable websites.


The school dental services are situated at Pukekohe Intermediate School Dental Clinic, Phone 09 237 1002.

The service checks children’s teeth annually. No treatment is administered without parental permission. You may still choose to have a dentist caring for your child’s teeth if you wish.


We are a BYOD (Bring your own Devices) school.  These technologies are used to promote problem solving, communication, collaboration and higher order thinking.

Students are able to personalise. interact with, present, share and create their own content, as well as reflecting on their own learning and the learning of others.

The school has a digital citizen contract to sign on enrolment.

iPads are the device of choice. Small screens are not ideal. Make sure the device has adequate storage space and processing speed.

Devices are locked away in a cupboard at break times.

Our main digital tools are Seesaw, Mathletics/Mathseeds and Reading Eggs. There is a $50 cost to install these under the school licences. Teachers will use other, mainly free apps for their teaching programs. 


The school encourages children to be self-managing with a Discipline Policy
and an Anti-Bullying Policy. These documents use the School Code as a base  for describing and exhibiting the expected behaviours at school.


We must have a copy of the child’s birth certificate and/or proof of NZ residency. Vaccination records are also required. This data is contained within your “Well Child Book”.

For EMERGENCIES we must have up to date contact numbers for both parents.

Also if you change address, phone numbers, email addresses contact the office so records can be updated.

We recommend that your child has two pre-school visits prior to starting school.

We have an Enrolment Scheme with the following zone:
• Runciman Road from Pukekohe East Road to Dorsyd Way
• Rutherford Road
• Coulston Road
• Kern Road from Coulston Road to Patrick Lane
• Tuhimata Road from Runciman Road No 331
• Pukekohe East Road from Belgium Road to 105 Mill Road
• Morgan Road
• Harrisville Road from Pukekohe East Road to Logan Road
• Jericho Road
• Logan Road from Harrisville Road to Golding Road
• Golding Road
Ballot dates for out of zone places are advertised in the school newsletter and the Franklin Country News.


Should a child be injured at school, or become ill, and it is felt that a doctor’s advice is necessary, the parents/caregivers will be contacted immediately. Emergency contact numbers will be used if parents/caregivers cannot be contacted.

Please advise the staff if pupils need to take prescribed medication for a temporary ailment.

Please note that teachers are not permitted to administer aspirin, disprin (or any other analgesic) to children without the permission of parents.  A permission form must be signed at the office by a parent for administering of any prescribed medicines eg. antibiotics. You are asked to forward emergency medicines such as asthma and bee allergy medication to school if necessary.

A record is kept of all incidents that require a visit to the First Aid room. Pink slips are sent home with the child to inform parents of what happened and what treatment was given, except where only a plaster is needed. You will be phoned if your child is sent to the First Aid room feeling unwell. Please collect sick children promptly.

In the event of your child contacting an infectious or notifiable disease or condition, please contact the school.


Fundraising for school equipment and ventures is essential. As a Decile 10 school, we are funded the least of any state school. While this assumes that because of the socio-economic make up of our community is higher than a Decile 1 for instance, it does mean that community funds are essential.

The PTA in partnership with the Board of Trustees attempts to provide opportunities to raise extra funds. Being a member is fun!

The PTA is a vital part of the school and provides essential items that would not otherwise be accessible. Recent examples of this are classroom furniture upgrades, ICT equipment and sports equipment, new adventure playground.


Pukekohe East is a Health Promoting School. We are committed to improving the Health and Safety of children and staff with input from all.


Once a year all new entrants hearing and vision is checked. In addition, children at other levels requiring follow up are attended to.


Homework aims to:

  • support the development of literacy and mathematics skills through practising at an independent level;
  • assist children in establishing developmentally appropriate work habits and time management skills;
  • enable parents to support their child with work that reinforces their child’s learning at school.

It includes:

Years 1 & 2 – 15 minutes total

  • Reading readers and own books from the library as well as Reading Eggs
  • Poem (Y1)
  • Pink/spelling words
  • Mathseeds and basic facts

Years 3 & 4 – 15-20 minutes total

  • Reading readers and own books from the library as well as Reading Eggs
  • Pink/spelling words
  • Mathletics and basic facts

Years 5 & 6 – 20 -30 minutes total

  • Personal reading as well as Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress
  • Spelling words
  • Mathletics and basic facts

We also want our children to enjoy their swimming, dancing, sports, Brownies and other after school activities that parents take them to. Participating in these groups encourages further development of social skills.

There needs to be a balance between practising and reinforcing what has been taught at school and encouraging children to become well-rounded, articulate and happy children who have enough energy left at the end of the day to have rich conversations with their parents.


The library is open daily. All children may use the library and have one book out at a time for up to 14 days loan.

The library is fully automated. Children have a digital bar code that links their borrowing to a computer.

Please care for books. Books damaged beyond repair or lost will be replaced at the full cost in the first year of issue and $10.00 per book thereafter.


Please send to the school office in a sealed envelope with the following details:
1. Name

2. Class

3. Purpose

4. Amount
 No money to be held in classrooms.

EFTPOS is available or our preferred option is via INTERNET BANKING 12-3023-0391781-00


A school and community newsletter is created every second Wednesday. It is uploaded to the school’s website and can be emailed to you if you sign up on the mailing list. It will also be available on the Skool Loop app.
Newsletters keep people informed of upcoming events, school policy changes, and matters concerning everyday running of the school. The newsletter is also available to local clubs and organisations as a means of conveying messages.  They are a vital part of communication between home and school and contain important information.
If you have any information that you want included in the school newsletter do not hesitate to contact the office.
There are sometimes intermittent mini -newsletters from your child’s class teacher in relation to other events and opportunities.


There are occasions when parents may be requested to assist with school activities (eg repairs and maintenance of school library books), or to help with setting up resources for various materials used in classroom teaching. Requests for assistance are generally made via the school newsletter. If invited you still must sign in/out at the office.

PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION (PTA)This group is made up of volunteers from our Parent community.

The PTA actively promotes social events, fundraising and communication between home and school. On many occasions they provide quality hospitality for special days or events.

The PTA welcomes anyone with a willingness to help. It is an energetic, stimulating and fun group who really make a difference at Pukekohe East.


Do not leave your car unattended in the drop off zone. This is the area adjacent to the kerb. The bus has difficulty moving in and out of the gate when cars are too close. Between 8.45 – 9.00am and 2.45 – 3.15pm are our congested times. The centre strip should not be parked on at any time.

If you park where your children must cross traffic to reach the car, please get out of your vehicle and escort them across the road.  Be on the lookout for children and do not block the gateway as the bus must have room to turn. If full, use parking area south of the netball court.



Pet Day is an integral Local Curriculum Goal, in our Charter.

It is normally held on the last Saturday of Term 3. A booklet containing all relevant information is circulated to new families early in Term 3.

For those children not raising lambs, calves, goats or another animal raised from birth, there is a Technology section. We expect every child is involved as many activities are completed during the school term as part of the class programme of teaching and learning.

Fundraising is undertaken with parent assistance requested on most stalls.

Pet Day is a significant event in our year. Parents are asked to plan around it if possible.

Children have the opportunity to attend the Franklin Group Day in addition to our local event.


Regular opportunities are available to discuss your child’s progress. The Reporting Cycle is as follows:

TERM 1: – Learning Forums

TERM 2:   – Mid Year Written Reports

TERM 3:  – Learning Pathways and Learning Forums

TERM 4:  – Final Written Report

If you would like to contact your class teacher to discuss your child’s progress, make an appointment at any stage of the year.


The school asks for a contribution towards school funds.
Currently, this is as follows:

Full Year:   Individual $220        Two children $440          three or more children $560

There are additional payments  per child per year for digital programs used in the classroom daily:  $50 for three:



Reading Eggs        


The school sees self-discipline in children as being the ideal and the general rules of the school try to reflect this aim. It is hoped that children will grow in self- awareness of their faults and the shortcomings of others, and will develop the values of tolerance and respect. To this end, the rules are brief and are designed with safety and the above factors in mind.


Please take care to travel at the correct speed of 70kph between the signs either side of the school and 40kph 10 minutes before and after school


Stationery packs can be purchased at school on certain dates in January. These will be notified via website and newsletter.

Please arrange for all exercise books to be covered – they last much longer! Or if you care about the environment don’t cover.

During the year your child will require “top up” stationery. We normally send a request home for money to buy replacement stationery.


Full brimmed sun hats are required to be worn outside at all times term 1 and term 4. If children have no regulation hat they must play in a shaded area. These directives are to reduce the risk of skin cancer


These will be issued regularly in the school newsletter.


We discourage children from bringing toys and collector cards to school and we accept no responsibility if they do. They will be confiscated.


There is a compulsory uniform. There are a number of items available for purchase from the suppliers.

Polo Shirt    Shorts
Track Pants    Polar Fleece
Vests Hats    Skorts

All items have the school Logo and are available from The Uniform Shop at 7a Glasgow Road, Pukekohe.

No footless tights or multi coloured socks.
Footwear should be suitable for school.

It is important for the Health and Safety of children that they wear footwear to and from school. This includes trips outside the school where sports may allow for bare feet.


As staff cannot be responsible for the custody of valuable articles, children are advised not to bring them to school. Jewellery worn to school is dangerous during play, especially dangling earrings.

Children are permitted to wear watches but must take full responsibility for damage or loss. We would encourage children whose ears are pierced to wear only studs at school. The wearing of jewellery is discouraged in the interests of safety.

There are to be no cellphones at school.


It is sometimes necessary for parents to take children from school during school hours. When you do this, would you consider the following points:

 Please let the class teacher know about the situation in advance.
 Often a class programme disruption can occur because of a child’s absence or absence of a number of children.
 Frequent absences can cause the child anxiety as they find it difficult to keep up with class work.
 If your child is absent for more than 20 school days they can be removed from the school roll. This will result in out of zone students having to re-enter the ballot for the following year.

Please remember that a note, entry on website or telephone call is required.


From time to time working bees are arranged to help with school maintenance and special projects such as gardens, building and cleaning. All assistance is much appreciated. Notification of working bees will occur in the newsletter.


The school encourages Zero Waste initiatives which are reduce, reuse and recycle.

Please do not use plastic wrapping for lunches – we recommend reusable containers that go home every day.